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As of right now, Coll8te is a place where you can find great items that are purchasable. You will find items from a mixture of well-known as well as a handful of small but very cool brands. Each vendor has a profile page, and links are provided on each item linking to their respective brand's shopping cart.

Why is Coll8te here?

We wanted to provide a platform that blends both Craigslist and Pinterest. Coll8te is not trying to beat either of them, but rather, incorporate the advantages of both. Although it may not look like it now, Coll8te will have a selection of products and services (job posts, housing, personals, etc.)

How do I become a user or a vendor?

Currently, we have disabled this feature. We do have existing users, however, they are not able to log in as well. This is because, we are still continuing to make changes and when we launch that feature, we want to make sure our users will have the best experience in setting up profiles, products/services, creating their own collections, etc.

We kindly ask for you patience... it will be available soon! For now, please explore the products in Coll8te - there are approximately 5,800 products... and we are still adding more :)

What's up with the logo?

COLLATE - means to collect and combine. This is what this platform is meant to do.

The number 8 in the Box 8- this is a shout-out to where Coll8te originated... Hawaii (808)

Why still in beta? be
- we are always working on Coll8te and constantly testing features out. So this seemed fitting.

So what can we expect from Coll8te in the future?

You can see what our plans are Coll8te HERE.

For any inquiries of issues using Coll8te, please contact